Day centers put vital services for people experiencing homelessness in one place

People experiencing homelessness often have no place to go during the day, and figuring out where to find a meal, get an ID card, do laundry, and get started on the journey to finding a home takes a lot of effort and coordination. Day centers can help.

What is so complicated about homeless encampments in DC? | Street Sense Media

This article is part of our 2019 contribution to the DC Homeless Crisis Reporting Project in collaboration with other local newsrooms. You can see all of our collective work published throughout the day at DCHomelessCrisis.press and join the public Facebook group to discuss how to act on this information and add context to areas we may have overlooked.

How cool indifference magnifies the summer heat | Street Sense Media

Washington D.C. is one of the most intense summer “heat islands” of any U.S. city. Temperatures during the summer can soar 21 degrees higher than surrounding rural areas, according to a report by Climate Central. And the population at greatest risk of suffering from heat-related illnesses in the summer is people experiencing homelessness.



Interfaith service held for those who died without a home | Street Sense Media

Around 50 people gathered inside of New York Avenue Presbyterian Church on Friday, Dec. 20, in honor of National Homeless Person’s Memorial Day. The service was just one part of a series of events taking place in over 180 cities to remember those who had passed away during the year while experiencing homelessness.

Activists march to remember 117 people who died without homes in DC | Street Sense Media

At 5 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019, an assembly gathered inside Luther Place Church, located on 14th St NW north of Thomas Circle, to commemorate the lives of 81 people who died without homes last year.

Recovering from the trauma of an encampment cleanup | Street Sense Media

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