Food Insecurity

This Mailbox Pantry In Hill East Is Trying To Make A Dent In Neighborhood Food Insecurity | DCist

It’s also how one resident hopes to preserve a family legacy.

Re-framing the District’s shelter meal debate | Street Sense Media

There are 42 different listings for shelters on the D.C. Department of Human Services webpage . These listings are divided into four categories: family transitional housing, family year-round temporary shelters, single adult shelters, and transitional supportive housing. The District’s choice of shelter food is one that affects all 5,900 people that stay in them.

A group of farmers, restaurants, and businesses team up to provide food to those in need

In response to a food chain left broken by the coronavirus pandemic, a group of 25 organizations including restaurants, food pantries, and farms are working to keep restaurant workers employed, food pantries stocked, and people fed.

As the need for healthy food grows, urban gardeners step up

Dr. Kate Tully researches food security at the University of Maryland, and moonlights as an urban farmer at a Northwest DC community garden called Columbia Heights Green. The farm, which is funded by the non-profit Washington Parks and People, usually provides between 20-50% of its annual yield to local charities.