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“The Invisible Class” explores living homeless in the US | Street Sense Media

Josh Hayes stumbled onto the subject of homelessness almost by accident. He was working on a photography project when he came upon a novel idea. Instead of taking thousands of photos of the Golden Gate Bridge like all his other classmates, Hayes thought he could focus his project on something slightly more challenging.

My Parents: An Introduction/This Does Not Belong to You

By Aleksandar Hemon Farrar, Straus and Giroux 368 pp. Reviewed by Will Schick August 1, 2019 Narrative guardrails are cast aside in this unusual exploration of a mother and father. In This Does Not Belong to You , Aleksandar Hemon tells the story of a man who aspired to remember everything.

Book Review: The Corpse Exhibition

By Will Schick Available for the first time in English, Hassan Blasim’s collection of short stories titled The Corpse Exhibition will twist your stomach into knots in a manner of sentences as it takes you on a topsy-turvy tour of life inside a modern war zone.