Will Schick

Will is a freelance journalist and writer based in Washington, DC. His work can be found in  a number of publications to include: Cleaver Magazine, DCist, Greater Greater Washington, Street Sense Media, Voice of America, The Washington Independent Review of Books, and others.

Before his professional writing career, Will served as an officer in the US Marine Corps for 11 years. He left the military after returning from his last deployment in 2018, where he served as an advisor and mentor to a local police force based in Helmand Province, Afghanistan .  

Upon returning to the US, Will enrolled as a full-time graduate student in American University’s MFA program in Creative Writing. He is projected to complete his degree by Spring 2021.

Will also speaks several languages to varying degrees of fluency: Chinese-Mandarin, English, French, Korean, and Spanish. Use the contact page to get in touch with Will or click below to follow him on Instagram or Twitter.