Why you should learn French on Netflix

You are never going to learn to speak French (or any language for that matter) if you treat is as a chore.  Continuous vocab drills and grammar exercises do nothing but eat away at your soul. Take time to unwind and prendre soin de soi. Grab a verre, kick your feet back and enjoy your new language.

Here’s what to watch:

1. The Returned (About an hour per episode/2 Seasons). Not your typical zombie series. In Les Revanants, the dead are resurrected back to their former selves (i.e. They look like real people). Instead of thirsting for brains, they yearn to integrate back into their communities—to catch up on the time they lost while six feet under. A cross between Lost (not as confusing) and Walking Dead (No panoramic scenes of horrific blood gushing violence and gore), this series is an addicting must-watch.

2. Call My Agent (50-60 min episodes/ 2 Seasons). A hilarious peak into life at a Parisian media agency. There’s sex, deceit, cursing, drama, and drugs. What more can you ask for?

3. La Mante (Hour long episodes/ 1 Season). A serial killer is locked away for life for a string of brutal murders she commits. Twenty years later, her son becomes a crack-shot homicide detective. When a new string of murders happens, the police decide to do something unconventional—ask the detective’s mother for help.

4. Au service de la France (20-30 min episodes/ 2 Seasons). A satirical look at French bureaucracy in the sixties. Most of the humor is over my head, but the language is easy to understand, and the episodes are short. I liken the show to a French comic re-make of Mad Men.

5. Les Beaux Malaises (25 min episodes/ 4 Seasons). It’s French with a Canadian accent. And it’s hilarious. Martin Matte is a well-known French-Canadian stand up artist. This fictional series follows Martin and his family as they go about their daily lives in Montreal, Quebec. A French-Canadian’s fresh take on a show like Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Author: Will Schick

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